Entry #53 - Feb. 10, 2012 - Cape Suit/Windrunner

Geoff Hollister started selling Tigers for Phil Knight in 1967 (at $2 per shoe commission). When Blue Ribbon Sports started Nike he went on to become Nike's third employee. His jobs over the years seemed to be quite wide ranging-he operated clinics, conducted athlete relations, ran retail stores, produced documentaries, and even helped organize Athletics West. And of course he did some great design work.

He created possibly the most iconic running jacket of all time. Geoff was trying to keep runners dry in wet conditions, and was inspired by Pacific Northwest Native Americans who had made cedar capes to keep Northwest rain off them. The simple, color contrasting, 26 degree chevron yoke created a "caped" effect, and when worn with matched pants was called The Cape Suit.

Nike started selling the top without the matching pants, called it the Windrunner, and the rest is history.

R.I.P. Employee #3.