Entry #56 - April 3, 2012 - Michael Jordan Golf

In Entry #15 you may have read it, and asked yourself, why were there Michael Jordan bowling balls? Because AMF bought Michael Jordan Golf. Huh?

Michael Jordan held a press conference in 1993, to announce the formation of Michael Jordan Golf, a company that was going to build upscale driving ranges, with their own pro shops, grill, miniature golf course, and country club feel. First one was opened in 1996 in the Chicago area, and before the second was finished in Charlotte, AMF purchased the company.

Then some strange things started happening with Michael Jordan and bowling, like Michael Jordan bowling balls, "The Michael Jordan Scholars," a sports scholarship program funded by an annual weekend Michael Jordan Bowl-A-Thon, and Michael Jordan Golf gear showing up in AMF Bowling Center Pro Shops.

Gear like the golf shirt pictured here.

Early in 2002 AMF found itself in Chapter 11, and an increase on the lease for the land in Chicago was looming, so that range was closed. The Charlotte range was doing better and it was sold, going on to become Leatherman Golf.

And that was the end of Michael Jordan Golf.